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我们的动力 What Motivites Us

我们的优势 Our Advantages




领跑政府军工及科技类 四好工程,良好资信保证

“科学与艺术”+ “生态型办公”+“跨界式发展创新工作模式

100+World-class Science Museums design/build

Leading for experience projects in new energy, Chinese military and space.

Innovation working model of Science & Art and ecological office. 

我们的愿景 Our Vision


With the core philosophy of “World +Local” , using the top resources home and abroad, Star Group is dedicated to provide the most efficient and customized services with international  concepts which help to offer highest possible values for our projects.

我们的指导方针 What Guides Us

我们的价值 Our Values

快乐(Fun) 健康(Health 

诚信 (Integrity)创新(Innovation

专注(Focusing) 专业(professionalizing

学习(Learning) 共赢(Win-Win

我们的业务关注点 Our Business Filters

分享我们的愿景 (Sharing Our Corp. Vision

共建长期影响力 (Building the Long-term Impact

鼓励探索和学习 (Encouraging Exploring and Learning

善于创新与挑战  (Challenging and Innovation-driven)

关注社会热点与科学文化 (Reflecting the hot issues of science and culture)

我们的战略目标 Our Strategic Objective


To be a premier cultural and science experience provider through four key areas of focus:

业务能力 Business Capacity


“Life-time “service program: planning-design-fabrication-operation Management, which enhances the productivity in established markets. So that more qualified and breathtaking projects will be made.

创新合作 Innovative Cooperation


Drive attendance of international science and technology organizations, enterprises and universities for co-work with each other, to enable the innovation. So that deeper, stronger relationships are negotiated with more resources.

事业合伙人机制 Partnership model


Create a culture that values stakeholder’s engagement and mutual vision. So that the life-long exploration and the win-win partnership for each other

人才培养计划 Personal Development Planning

企业对员工的长期投资,员工可持续获得极具价值的培训和考察机会,对其长期学习和职业发展做有效规划, 从而我们的员工更专业,并受到鼓励和激励。

The long-term beneficial investment for employees, which they could earn valuable opportunities of overseas training and career planning. So that our employees are more professional, engaged and motivated.

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