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One Is Never Too Old To Learn.
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Learning Dimensions


Description of learners’ interactions


Spending time in tinkering activities

  • Playing, envisioning , making exploring materials, trying something over and over, etc.

Displaying motivation or investment through affect or behavior

  • Showing emotions such as joy, pride, disappointment, frustration
  • Remaining after appearing “finished”, and staring something new

Initiative and Intentionality

Setting one’s own goals


  • Setting goals / posing problems
  • Planning steps for future action
  • Developing unique strategies, tools, objects or outcomes
  • Stating intention to continue working outside Studio

Seeking and responding to feedback

  • Actively seeking out feedback or inspiration from materials or environment
  • Anticipating further outcomes
  • Persisting to optimize strategies or solutions

Persisting to achieve goals in the problem space

  • Persisting towards their goal in their face of setbacks or frustration within the problem space
  • Persisting to optimize strategies or solutions

Taking intellectual risks or showing intellectual courage

  • Disagreeing with each other’s strategies , solutions or rationales
  • Trying something while indicating lack of confidence in outcome.

Social Scaffolding

Requesting or offering help in solving problems

  • Requesting or offering ideas and approaches
  • Offering tools or material in service of an idea

Inspiring new ideas or approaches

  • Noticing, pointing out, or talking about other’s work
  • Innovating and remixing by using or modifying others’ ideas or strategies.
  • Leaving something behind to share with others

Physically connecting to others’ works

  • Producing work that physically interacts with others’ work

Development of Understanding

Expressing a realization through affect or utterances

  • Showing excitement when expressing a realization
  • Claiming to realize or newly make sense of something

Offering explanations for a strategy tool or outcome

  • Offering or refining explanations for a strategy, tool or outcome, possibly by testing and retesting.

Applying knowledge

  •  Connecting to prior knowledge, including STEM concepts
  •  Employing what has been learned during tinkering.
  •  Complexifying by engaging in increasingly complicated and sophisticated work.

Striving to understand

  • Indicating not knowing (e.g., through surprise, bewilderment, confusion) and remaining in the problem space to explore confusion and build an understanding.

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