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Star Group was established in 1999. It has grown up to be one of the most comprehensive and potential professional exhibition Groups in China recently. We focus on science centers, museum, experiencing centers, exhibitions, marketing events etc.. Star Group not only has high-quality service network, covering more than 20 cities in China,but also has good partnters from world class science organizations and design companies from America, Canada, Europe and Hong Kong..

To be "the first brand in China exhibition industry" is the core mission and goal of Star Group. The brand is positioned to be "World Local Live Communication". We draw on and use international advanced concepts and network resources, combining with local advantages, to help domestic enterprises go into the World and international enterprises into China.

Star Group provides professional service in several important fields, such as art and science, new energy, telecommunications, smart city, automotive and fashion. Our customers include not only stated-owned leading corporations and government agencies, such as China Science and Technology Associates, State Grid, China Military,China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, Procuratorate in Jiangsu, Datang Group, Potevio, but also a number of the world's top 500 enterprises and the leading multinational companies, such as Haier Group, Motorola Group, BMW, and Maserati. We provide them high-quality service, and in turn, win trust and praise from them.

At all times, by means of the extraordinary creativity, professional design concepts and high-qualified construction team, Star Group has a good public reputation in the exhibition industry. Since 2005, it has awarded as "top ten national outstanding enterprises" for ten years, and ranked in the first 10 continuously.

Looking into the future, based on the local community, Star Group will insist on keeping pace with the times, developing and innovating unceasingly, creating value and growing up with our customers.


Professional Team
Team members of Star Group are the professional and outstanding person in this field. At the same time, we have an expert team, a really professional consultant team of more than 25 experts. A high qualified expert team is the source of Star Group's power. Professional team will provide you the most professional services.
Creation and Innovation
With the global wisdom, and based on local scheme, Star Group isn't constrained by traditional project operation mode. It pursues and supports creative thinking and technical innovation. To Star Group, creation and innovation are the keys for its project running.
Differentiation Strategy
Star Group provides service for government, local enterprises and foreign enterprises. Its various kinds of service meet the individualized demand of government and enterprises. Through differentiation strategy, Star Group offers the most distinctive competitive products.
All-star Service
Star Group is the first domestic company offering the star brand service in the exhibition industry. We will divide services into four parts, including customer, creation, design and produce, and formulate operation norms for each part, which means that services of management and quality control system are all-star, which can totally satisfy customer's requirement on project quality, time, cost and safety.
Resource Integration
Experts on resources integration will consider various resources comprehensively in the business operation, including internal and external aspects, such as science and technology, environmental protection, art, etc. We will integrate resources efficiently in order to provide the best integration effect for projects.
Rich Experience
Star Group accumulates rich practical experience in more than ten years. It creates more than 100 classic cases for domestic and foreign companies and wins big awards in the exhibition industry many times.

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